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Wine Racks To Suit Any Style

For obvious reasons, wine racks are a major element in the functional and visual design of the wine cellar. Color, texture and strength of the racks are influenced by species of wood or other building materials used. 


For a wine room to function properly though the mixture of configurations allows for the necessary flexibility for storing individual 1.5ltr bottles, 750ml bottles, 375ml bottles and non-traditional shaped bottles adequately.


Lets take a look at the styles available…

Individual Bottle Racking 

wine racks.IB exampleAdvantages of IB Racking…

  • Very neat and organized appearance
  • Ability to follow irregular shaped walls or follow curved countertop lines
  • Height can easily be altered using increments of the bottle openings (Approx.every 4″)
  • Designed to soften corners with radius assembly of racking into curved corners configured either inside corner or outside corner
  • Can be configured to have an angled display section or 2 or more if desired wherever you choose

The wine racks of the past were hidden from the average person, deep under the wineries and castles. Today’s wine cellar is often a much more public room and inside a home rather than beneath it. Thus a slightly more organized appearance is usually desired and one of the more modern styles of racking is the individual bottle rack. A grid of ladders with cleats is aligned in rows, for a horizontal and vertical matrix of bottles usually stored horizontally with cork out. This type of racking can be whatever height is determined necessary and is great for holding single bottles versus a full case.

We sell pre-made modular racking or build you custom racking – it’s up to you.


The picture above shows one of the great ways it can be used to follow an organic shape such as a wall or a countertop as in the case above. Inside or outside radii can be shaped with only small loss of storage capacity.



Diamond Bins and Case Bins

wine racks.diamond bins exampleAdvantages of Diamond Bins + Case Bins

  • Looks awesome !
  • Keeps loose bottles grouped together for easy retrieval
  • Provides for a stylish display or your wooden wine cases
  • Looks really awesome…oh, did I already mention that…sorry

Diamond bins are a convenient and visually pleasing style of storing multiples of the same wine. A diamond bin often holds 12-16 racks.05 2 common designs are the open slat racking and solid bins. The pictures above show the solid style diamond and case bins. Case bins are meant to hold a standard case of 12 wine bottles. They can also often fit boxes of wine. These are well suited for long term storage until the vintage reaches maturation and displaying them is not a consideration.



Display Racking

wine racks.display rack example Advantages of Display Racking

  • Can be configured to display bottles vertically or horizontally
  • Can be designed to be 1, 2 or more deep for more storage
  • Display boxes can be shaped into organic curves to fit into shaped spaces
  • Display racking can be inserted almost anywhere
  • Oh yeah…Looks awesome !

Sometimes you just want to show off some special bottles. Or maybe a few of your collection are unusual shaped bottles that aren’t well suited to fitting inside the individual bottle racking. Whatever the reason is display racking serves to provide beautiful horizontal or vertical storage space that can be easily and fluidly incorporated into your wine cellar design.


Another advantage is that they can be organically shaped as shown in the example in the picture where a lower display section was made in a curved shape to match the countertop above. wine racks.curved display exampleIn this case we also provided an electrical outlet for possible future consideration and for room cleaning purposes.



Metal Racking

vintageviewAdvantages of Metal Racking

  • Racking can be wall mounted or mounted ceiling to floor
  • Racking has ability to hold 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep
  • Bottles are supported in a horizontal manner for label forward viewing
  • Comes in various colors
  • Very strong construction
  • Can easily be made to follow irregular wall shapes such as curves
  • Looks good by itself or mixed with traditional wood racking

VintageView metal racks are very versatile and sturdy as well having the advantage of being able to be mounted on the floor or wall-mounted. While black is the most common they are available in dark green and medium brown. Custom coloring is available as well. Metal racks hold the bottle horizontally with the label out for easy identification. They come in 1, 2 and 3 bottle deep configurations. Attractive and very functional, these racks can adapt easily to odd shaped rooms with little loss of capacity. They look good as a whole cellar racking system as well as intermixed with traditional wood racking.

The design possibilities are many.



There are other horizontal styles and metal rack styles to choose from. The list mentioned and shown above is not meant to be exhaustive. We just wanted to show you a few ideas, a starting place if you will.

Please contact us to discuss how YOU imagine YOUR cellar racking design coming together.

We would love to hear all about it.