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Wine Cellar Design

The wine cellar design stage is usually made up of 3 parts. Each part is necessary for the cellar design to come together properly.

The 1st part is the introduction where we mostly listen…

  • What kind of space have you chosen for the wine cellar?
  • What ideas do you have from other projects or pictures you’ve seen?
  • What is the wish list for storage capacity?
  • What kind of mix of racking do you think will work best?
  • Do you have or plan to have any bottles that will need special consideration or storage?
  • What kind of design style suits your tastes and the surrounding area in the home?
  • What kind of materials will give you the right kind of feel in the room?

The 2nd part is where we take what we’ve heard from you and begin assembling the various elements into an actual design…

  • Look at options for treating the room itself to stabilize temperature and humidity levels
  • Create lists of samples for materials to be used in the room like lumber species for wine racks, wall cladding, etc
  • Create recommendations for cooling unit(s) to meet room specs
  • Create 1st draft of floor plan and elevations for proposed room layout
  • Provide cost estimates for wine cellar as designed
  • Discuss necessary alterations and finalize floor plan for approval

The 3rd part is where we discuss with you expected construction timelines and …

  • Provide samples of materials where necessary
  • Provide 3D renderings of the project for real-time walkthroughs so you KNOW what it will look like before we begin
  • Finalize all details to your satisfaction and approval


The process allows for you to have full control at all times and eliminate any doubts regarding the quality and design of the completed project. Since we fabricate all custom components we know its built to your expectations every time.

Here’s an example of a 3D video flythrough we did for a client a few years ago…



Racking Design

While we usually take care of the design of the room and the contents for the best construction results we can also work on the design of the racking only if you have the room already taken care of. We will be happy to provide you with a racking design that compliments any space and functions seamlessly with what you may already have.


For more information about racking please go here to view some ideas of styles of standard racking available